The Target IOP Calculator is a very simple app for iOS devices.

The purpose is to provide a portable, “always at your fingertips” possibility to calculate the “target intraocular pressure” in glaucoma patients.

All eye care professionals may benefit from using it.

The calculation performed is based on formula published in 1997 by

Dr Henry D. Jampel* with just a little modification.

The user fills the value of initial (pre-treatment) pressure, and (if desired) also some basic facts describing most important patient’s details.

This allows to calculate the value of pressure which may be set as a target for pressure lowering medication/treatment.

The calculation formula is according to Dr Jampel’s:


where tP is Target IOP [mmHg]

and iP is Initial IOP [mmHg]

The result is being modified if the user sets “Patient’s details” parameters (on/off switch) to “on”. The presence of visual field defect and optic disc damage lowers the Target IOP value, while “Therapy difficulties” parameter set to “on”, makes it higher. Lowering goes with 1mmHg for each parameter and increasing with 2mmHg - and this is where the modification of the original Dr Jampel’s concept, based on my own clinical practice is applied. If all parameters are set to “NO” (“off” state of switches, which is the default setting), the calculation is performed according to the formula only, without any additional adjustments.

Obviously it’s still the “doctor’s role” to accept the result and make the treatment decisions - the calculator just helps with simple math!

Myself, I’m not so good at performing math calculations in my head, so that was where the idea for such a simple helping device came from. My iPhone is in my pocket all the time, easiest to have such a dedicated calculator on it. Exploring the Objective-C and SDKs was a great fun!

As I am ophthalmologist, not a programmer, The Target IOP Calculator is not as professional app as it might be, but I hope that some will find it useful!

Slawomir Janiec, MD

  1. *- Jampel HD. Target pressure in glaucoma therapy. J Glaucoma. 1997;6:133–8.


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