A simple to use tool for calculating mycophenolic acids area under the curve (MPA-AUC) concentration based on three input values in the care of kidney transplant patients. This implementation is designed by Dr Michał Bartoszek.

The single most used immunosuppressant in solid-organ transplantation is mycophenolate mofetil (MMF).[1,2,3,4] Despite well-documented relationship between efficacy in terms of acute rejection prophylaxis and exposure to mycophenolic acids (MPA, active form of MMF)[5] as measured by area under the curve (AUC), excellent results have been achieved using a fixed-dosage regimen.[1,4,6,7] There has been recently an increased interest in the possibility of monitoring MPA concentrations for increasing efficacy and decreasing toxicity, in current drug minimisation protocols. The present findings[8] suggest the MPA-AUC of 30-60 mg*h/l in the maintenance stage of renal transplant patients to have optimal both clinical benefit and adverse events profile indicating the usefulness of AUC of MPA with limited sampling strategy (the model using c0h, c0.5h, and c2h suggests to be superior to all other models) in optimising its use.[7]

MPA-AUC calculator is a tool that can help to identify patients who are out of the current target ranges. Having it easily accessible on iOS device facilitates every day practice tasks for health care professionals dealing with kidney transplant recipients. 


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