Are you a happy owner and/or enthusiast of BMW 335i with 8speed sportAT (F3x)? Wondering what all those settings mean for your car's performance? Then this is an app for you!

Here you can simulate possible settings for Comfort, Sport and Sport+ modes without starting the engine, right on your iOS device, any time you want to see how the transmission is going to behave, how throttle responds, what settings combination is, and what is not available.

Unfortunately, detailed information about those specific settings is not available on the iDrive Screen in the car, but now you can see them on a virtual screen on your iOS device and play around combining different mode and gear settings. So, there is no connection to the car and the purpose is to be able to see most of the settings combined in to one screen.

In the current version of this app, "Manual gearbox mode" and "DSC off" mode are not covered. Functionality is focused on automatic settings of the transmission. Those other modes may be adressed in the future.

Data source: 

Information on different settings according to:  User's Manual, printed by BMW AG, München, Germany. Version VI/13, 0713490

I have verified all mentioned settings in F34, 2013, 335i equipped with N55 engine, 8 speed Sport Automatic Transmission (S2TBA) and Adaptive M suspension (S2VFA). 

Photos were taken in that car as well. 

Engine sound (just for fun) recorded with iPhone, with car’s mode set to Sport+

(The app may apply to some other models with 8AT, but was made with 335 in mind)

But, be resposible: do not use this app while driving!

Slawomir Janiec, MD


335i 8AT   Settings Simulator

335i 8AT

v 1.0